Become a Friend!

The artists continuesly need your moral – and perhaps financial – support. Sign up as a friend of New Cambodian Artists by leaving a comment on this weblog below or send an e-mail to:


17 responses to “Become a Friend!

  1. Steven van Dissel

    You’ve got a friend!

  2. peter kooi

    Now you have two!

  3. Strong artistic initiative based on a need and question from within.

    Friendship highly recommended

  4. Jose Vahl

    The New Cambodian Artist group is great! I saw them perform in Phnom Penh and it was very stimulating to hear ‘new’ music and to see ‘new’ dancing while also remaining true to the Cambodian cultural heritage. Both the dancers and the public enjoyed the performance a lot. Jose

  5. Frank Koenen

    Count me in!



  6. lilian

    ik ben vriendin,dit is een bijzonder project!!!!


  7. I will be a friend to support the Cambodian artists!

  8. Wow… Nice!! I’ve just heard this weblog from Sreymom last night. So let’s me be one of your friends. I’m always a fan of the dance!!! heheheh 😀

  9. Hotel Anise supports this great initiative.

  10. Eric Poot

    Dear Bob, Lilian, Huub and of course all other the artistis and crew members: good luck (“toi toi toi”) with the show! It’s a pity that we can’t enjoy you in Pnom Penh for one of the shows. (Please say hi to José and Frank, who probably will be there). I’m sure it will be a great success.

    Eric (glad to be / become friend)

  11. Enhorabuena Bob lo que hemos vista esta de P-madre

  12. Mohamed

    Té gek, ik ben erbij.

  13. Aly Cnossen

    Graag word ik vriendin; ik wil er graag bij zijn.
    Veel succes, ga alsjeblieft door!

  14. Ingrid Weissgerber

    Happy to be a friend!

  15. Peter Botterman

    Keep up the good work!

  16. I am very interested in what you are doing!

    My daughter Jayne was adopted from Cambodia in 2000. I have a fair trade business, Lotus Jayne, bringing handwoven textiles and other handicrafts from Cambodia and other parts of Asia to the USA so people can appreciate their beauty and so I can help marginalized groups thrive.

  17. alla@azura abal abas

    hi. m alla from malaysia, m an independent artist. involve in performing arts n currently doing my master on performing arts at University of Malaya kuala lumpur. m interesting on ur group interpretation of contemporary dance. anyway m happy that contemporary dance is happening now in ur country.
    Best regads.

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