People in Buildings

For the second year in a row Bob Ruijzendaal and New Cambodian Artists will present a short series of dance performances at Meta House.  The first performance will be held this weekend.

From left to right: Chantha, Koko en Davy.

Bob and the three dancers in the piece had already worked together successfully on last year’s ’Movin’ project. Yon Davy is a dancer and choreographer who stood out in last years Meta House series and choreographed parts of ‘Movin’. Yon Chantha, Davy’s sister, is a dancer with a very recognizable style and Nget Rady (Koko) is a young male dancer with a highly original approach. They share a passion for the contemporary and aim to experiment. Inspired by Robert Longo’s series of paintings Men in Cities they will search for movements that imagine the standing, the falling, the ordinary, the extraordinary, and sometimes the boredom of life in a big City.


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