Dance ethnologist Shapiro-Phim on Look at Us Now

Toni Shapiro-Phim wrote an article on contemporary dance in Cambodia in which she discusses the work of Bob Ruijzendaal. Shapiro-Phim is a dance ethnologist and currently director of Khmer Arts Research and Archiving in Cambodia. The article was published on Tanzconnexions, an online magazine by the Goethe institute:

 “(. . .) Dutch theatre director, Bob Ruijzendaal, had Cambodian dancers voice their individual artistic concerns to the audience as part of an evening-length work (Look at Us Now, 2009) that opened with the symbolic linking of these young artists to their past. Male dancers “sculpted” their female counterparts into the celestial dancers found on temple carvings from the Angkor Empire (9th to 15th centuries).

(. . . ) Ruijzendaal’s works employed common conventions of Western contemporary dance such as pedestrian costumes and movements, a variety of musical accompaniment, innovative choreographic patterns, projections and spoken word.  (. . .) ”

Read the full article here:


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