How do you move/What moves you

Posted by Lilian ter Horst:

After settling down in Phnom Penh I went to see a run through of  ‘How do you move/What moves you’ in Amrita’s beautiful new-mirrored studio.

Mom and Setpheap in a new Cambodian embrace.

It was wonderful to see Mom and Davy again and to meet Setpheap. The 20-minutes run trough was very surprising and fascinating. The combination of classical and contemporary movements is taken to a more profound level. It was evident to me that the dancers and Bob work very hard and push themselves to the limit. With one more week to go until the presentation, I’m sure everything will find its place in time and lead to an impressive performance.

Three of a kind.


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One response to “How do you move/What moves you

  1. It looks so contemporaire but also autentic.

    nice thing happen!

    succes Engelien

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